With its unique biofeedback feature you'll quickly feel improvement in your glute and core muscles like never before.

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SmartSquat makes all of the most popular exercises easier and more effective, delivering you better results in less time - guaranteed.

SmartSquat utilizes a unique feature called the Tipping Beam which gives you instant feedback, guiding you to self-correct for maximum results.

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Everyone from Personal Trainers, Fitness Experts, Beginners, and Elite Athletes are achieving  better results in less time from their workouts.

"SmartSquat uses unique biofeedback that helps me self correct and get the most out of my workouts" - Kim Glass, Olympic Silver Medalist @KimGlass

"The same movements you already do, but with improved form thanks to SmartSquat. Easy, Fast & effective!” – IFBB Professional @CallieBundy

"I am amazed at all of the different exercises you can do and the incredible results my clients are seeing." - Sebastien - Personal Trainer, Edge Fitness Clubs

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