About Us

The idea for SmartSquat first started when Mike Begin was running a summer strength and conditioning camp for his local high school girls’ volleyball team.  Mike noticed most of the 20+ girls struggling with understanding basic mechanics needed for many of the exercises, namely, the squat. His verbal cues and visual demonstrations were not enough. Knowing how important good mechanics are for optimal results and safety, Mike went home into his basement and decided to try and figure out a solution that would allow them to FEEL for themselves how to quickly ensure body weight distribution was through the heel and arch of the foot while keeping toes down.  Equally as important, was to FEEL exactly when to quickly self-correct these elements, giving them better results. After a few weeks and a handful of failed ideas, Mike landed on the initial concept of what eventually became the prototype for SmartSquat. It worked great and the volleyball team loved the new FEEL of a physical cue, now known as the Tipping Beam, guiding them the entire time.

Mike showed it to friend and fellow trainer Armando Aversa who immediately recognized how needed this idea would be for everyone. From that point on, Mike and Armando worked to refine the idea into the design it is in today and started testing it. They incorporated their prototype into training sessions with their clients and both quickly realized the very real benefit their new tool provided.

What started out focusing on squats quickly evolved into a tool for many exercises as the feeling of a physical cue provided by the Tipping Beam greatly enhanced their verbal instructions throughout a workout. Their clients raved about how they felt from squats, lunges, bridges and even rows, curls and planks.  SmartSquat delivered superior results in less time for all fitness levels in a variety of applications, whether at home squeezing in a quick workout, training in a gym or rehabbing an injury with a patient.  

Mike and Armando are passionate about sharing their innovation and helping others optimize their workouts.

SmartSquat® - Better Glutes, Better Legs, Better Core